Individual Workshops at CBW Studios.

Workshops tailored to the client can be carried out at CBWs' Oxfordshire studio
during the months April to September.

During the workshop I demonstrate all processes that are necessary for the production of Daguerreotype images. Plate polishing, plating, sensitising, exposing (including basic large format camera use) and developing. I explain Mercury development (although for safety reasons, do not demonstrate). For the purposes of the lesson we use the safer Becquerel method of development. The day is very informal and advice is given to help you in the direction of Daguerreotypy that you wish to follow.

A one day course at CBW's studio costs £400 per person.

To take home a completed image an additional £75.00 is charged for materials

'Any problems can be overcome, if you really wish to create these images' (CBW)


Some comments from previous students.


'The demonstration was informative and exactly what we needed to get us on the way to making our own Dags. Thanks so much' (Bev & Rafa)

' I really do appreciate all your teaching and skill involved in the process. Thank you so much!' (Heidi)

'It was a really pleasure and a fantastic learning opportunity for
me. I can't thank you enough for your informative lesson.' (Chris)

'I thought the Dag workshop was brilliant! Before hand i just thought i would be going to the workshop for research then commissioning images from you, but you really inspired me to attempt to make them myself !' (Jess)

' It was a great day - I probably cannot describe how much easier it will be for me trying to produce
Daguerreotypes. I feel that it was a time well spent - worth the price.'(Wojciech)

'Thanks again. A very valuable experience'. (Stuart)


Some images from Daguerreotype workshops with thanks to Jon Rowley of Studio Six Images.





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Visiting Lectures/Workshops

Daguerreotypes, the process, the discourse, it doesn't have to be digital.
Currently, Christopher Brenton West is one of the top exponents of the Daguerreotype process in the world and is believed to be the only practising Daguerreotypist in the UK.
The ½ day workshops take place in complete, safety; all dangerous chemical operations have been pre -prepared off site. The workshop starts with a presentation from CBW, while setting up a still life to photograph. Students will be encouraged to participate in this. A photograph will then be exposed; this takes some time, up to 60 minutes. When exposed the picture is developed in front of the students, this also takes around an hour.
While the image is exposing CBW will explain the processes that have taken place in his studio and why they cannot be demonstrated live.
Students will participate in the setting up of a 5x4 camera and can participate with some theory involved, to introduce or reinforce the skills.
When the picture(s) are developed they will be discussed and CBW will show some of his highly acclaimed Daguerreotypes. The workshops can be tailored to you own requirements and Christopher Brenton West is also available to talk to small groups offering advice and critic of portfolios.


Some students' work

This stunning montage of 4 pure silver plates are the collaborative work

of CBW and Jessica Trafford. They form part of her final work for

a BA Hons in Photography at Bournemouth College of Art.


Thes gold lockets also by Jess contain tiny Daguerreotypes

again made from pure silver . They tell a personal story of her family

and are part of her degree show.


This ceremonial necklace by Heidi Hinder was comissioned by the Birmingham

Museum of art. It contains a CBW Daguerrotype made with Heidi to her design.

It can be seen in context here


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